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My Very First Pop Up Shop! 6/13/2020

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

The Task:

I saw a post in a business group on Facebook about a pop up shop hosted by Hurricane Effects Photography being held in Huntsville, an hour and a half away from Birmingham. I immediately reached out to the creator of the post so that I could sign up. I signed up then proceeded to book me a nice hotel because regardless of the fact that I was only traveling an hour and a half away, I was telling myself this was a vacation too. I've been working hard, I wanted to relax too!

The Plan:

I decided to order labels for bottles of waters, treat bags, lollipops, more product, and more business cards or the event. I also decided to make posters with all my necessary info for the front of the table. I was so excited planning for this event, wanting everything to be perfect while knowing that was definitely not gong to happen. Me being the optimistic, yet brutally realistic person that I am already gave myself the necessary pep talk, "Enjoy the experience, whatever doesn't work, fix it next time."

The Reality:

The order that I placed that contained additional pieces for my inventory was delayed and did not make it to me in time. The order that contained my business cads was LOST by the mail carrier! I was so discouraged! Then I told myself that everything wold be fine and I would just take what I have and take pre-orders for what I don't have. A colleague suggested that I just create a qr code for my mailing list so that I could build the relationship that way! Crisis averted, let's make it to Huntsville. I made sure that I didn't leave anything behind and I hit the road. I enjoyed hotel accommodations at the Drury Inn. They offered free drinks in the evening and even though I know my acid reflux is horrible, I still redeemed my free drinks. I didn't drink enough but apparently I drunk enough to be sick the entire night! This of course had me running late the next day. I get there and set up takes longer than I expected because I still had so much that needed to be done that should have been done the night before! My posters really weren't a good idea, I couldn't hang them up the way that I had pictured. Eventually, I was able to get everything done and set up. I enjoyed the event so much! I was able to make some sales and I was even able o get my helix pierced during the event!

The Lesson:

I realized that everything that i was worried bout ally didn't matter at the end of the day. Even though I didn't have my bestselling pieces on hand, I knew that I would have them for the next event plus I was able to sell what I did have. I was complimented a few times about my branding and my marketing.

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