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My First Shipment Went A Little Like This

My journey to selling onesies was unexpected. I started JazzE Things with the idea of selling homemade aromatherapy candles 🥴 I had the best ideas for different candles too. That wasn’t my thing though.

One day I ordered a blue cookie print onesie online. Sometime later I saw an ad for vendors that had the cookie print onesies in multiple colors and that’s where I got the bright idea to sell onesies! I was thinking, “Hey let me sell onesies and get the same print in multiple colors because I know I love to have the same thing in multiple colors so maybe there’s others who’d like that!”

I didn’t know anything about finding vendors. I paid $25 for a list. I reached out to all of those vendors, didn’t hear anything for a few days. I paid $10 for another list and it was the same vendors from the previous list 🙃 After multiple attempts to reach those vendors, patience not being one of my strong points, I started looking for myself. I finally found a vendor but nothing told me to order a few to check the quality. 🤧 I ordered twenty-three 🌚 They took about eight days to get here which wasn‘t bad. When they got here, I realized that it was a different quality from the one I had ordered from another company. While the detail was certainly better, the material was HORRIBLE!! My customers were happy with them but I was silently disappointed. I had paid around $330 for these onesies that I really didn’t like 😭

I kept going. I sold those for $20 and continued reaching out to the vendors who I paid for as well looking for my own. Eventually I came across a vendor who had a lot of different styles aside from the cookie print onesies I initially started with. Ironically, it was at that same

time they finally replied to my WhatsApp message! I still made a very bad business decision by ordering twenty of the same style. I was sure that it was a very hot style so I ordered five of every size! That was in May. I still have at least one of each size in that style. It has been the slowest selling piece!

Moral of the story: It wasn’t until my third order when I got the hang of dealing with vendors. Always order a few to check the quality FIRST. Make sure to make note of how long a vendor takes to get product to you on a good and bad day.

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