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Fourth of July

I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea but I did it. I signed up for two pop up shops on the same day. The first one was from 11-4, the next from 5 until.

I arrived at my first event which was an outside event meaning I would have to set my tent up. By myself. I had help but they had to go run another errand for me and I’ve never set a tent

up by myself, this was actually my second time using it. Y’all I was so discouraged trying to put it up by myself. I actually stopped and sat under my half put up tent for about 10 minutes to just catch my breath as I get anxious easily! Someone eventually came to help me and by the time I was set up, my table was beautiful! The wind wouldn’t let me great and blew my entire table off several times! I ended up leaving an hour early because the sun had drained me so much and I still had another event! After we finished taking everything down, my cousin, my sorority sister, and I couldn’t wait to get home into some cool air.

My sorority sister, Tiara, helped me set up at my second event before she left to travel back home. I was so happy this event was inside. I had a wonderful time talking with the other vendors that were present. I was able to purchase a new set of waist beads made with Tiger Eye crystals as well as a salt bath by Adorned By Ashley. We had such an amazing time talking; Ashley is so spiritual and you can feel her healing spirit! I also purchased Anxiety Lemonade from MuvaEarf, y’all I love that lemonade! I can literally taste the calming effects of the lavender. This event was successful in more ways than one. I was able to sell quite a few pieces but the connections that I made were more important than anything! I’m a firm believer in divine intervention and that God works in mysterious ways. I love doing events because anybody that knows me know I will talk all day long if you let me so I love the opportunity to get and talk to different individuals any chance I get. (I just wish some guys stop thinking I’m flirting cause I’m talking to them. I’m just talking, it’s not my fault you’re being charmed in the process 🥴)

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